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    The provincial government has cut healthcare services, is shutting down ERs & Urgent Care Centres and privatizing the health services you rely on.

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    General Membership Meeting, February 26

    All members are encouraged to attend the CUPE 204 General Membership Meeting
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    CUPE Welcomes New Members

    Important update CUPE welcomes new members in the WRHA, Shared Health, Southern Health, and the North. All health care workers are now members of their new union. CUPE now represents you for any existing grievances or processes, even if they were filed by another union. Your old contract remains your contract until bargaining concludes (even after you join CUPE). Once...
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    Important Update: We have dates!

    New CUPE members will come into the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and Shared Health onDecember 13th. The Commissioner plans to issue interim bargaining certificates that will come into effect next month.
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  • Bargaining Updates

    CUPE Welcomes New Members

    Important Update CUPE is pleased to welcome new and returning members to CUPE: in Southern Health-Santé Sud, the Northern Regional Health Authority, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Shared Health.Read below for more info for current and new members.

    Health Care Representation Votes: What happens now?

    Health Care Representation Votes:  What happens now? FOR ALL HEALTH CARE WORKERS Now that the health care representation votes have concluded, there will be a period of transition for all unions and employers. Here is what you need to know: You keep your current union – for now. Contact your current union for any grievances, arbitrations, and issues in the...
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