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    The provincial government has cut healthcare services, is shutting down ERs & Urgent Care Centres and privatizing the health services you rely on.

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    CUPE 204, representing 7,000 health care workers in Winnipeg, continues to speak out against the government’s plan to close the Seven Oaks General Hospital Emergency Room (ER) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), in light of the report by Dr. David Peachey.“By continuing on the path of closing the Seven Oaks ER and ICU, this government is only going to make...
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    WRHA to close Concordia ER on Monday despite staffing concerns

    In what CUPE 204 is describing as deeply “disrespectful”, the WRHA announced today that they will be fast-tracking the conversion of the Concordia Hospital Emergency Room to an Urgent Care Centre on Monday.
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    Urgent Care at Concordia response to community mobilizing: now it’s time to end the chaos in health care

    It’s time to end the chaos in health care says CUPE Local 204 President Debbie Boissonneault, in response to the government’s announcement that the Concordia Hospital Emergency Room will be converted to an Urgent Care Centre within the next five weeks. CUPE Local 204 represents 7,000 health care workers across Winnipeg.
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  • Bargaining Updates

    Bargaining Continues to Be Stalled

    Note to CUPE members. Unfortunately due to the government's Health Care Representation Votes, bargaining will be stalled until the votes are over. No date has been set, but we expect it to be soon.Visit http://cupehealthcare.ca/ for up-to-date details on the votes.  

    Bargaining Update, February 2018

    CUPE is pushing to get to the bargaining table, fighting the wage freeze, and standing up against government cuts!
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