Bargaining update: Leave no health care worker behind.

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown Manitobans, it’s that every health care worker is critical – not just doctors and nurses.

This is why CUPE is fighting for all health care support workers at the bargaining table– we won’t leave anyone behind, even if it means we have to call for a strike vote.

  • The government wants to give nurses special options at the bargaining table, which will help nurses avoid a strike. They refuse to give health care support staff this option.

  • The government wants to attack our seniority rights.

  • The government does not want to negotiate fair vacation language

  • The government refuses to lift up home care workers.

  • The government does not want to talk about wages or benefits.

  • Support staff have gone four years without a contract.  Enough is enough.


What does a strike vote mean?

A strike vote does not mean you go on strike.  It means you support your CUPE bargaining team to call a strike if negotiations break down.

When will the strike vote happen?

The strike vote will happen August 18, 2021.  This will happen electronically.

Why is this happening now?

The government has dragged its feet for four years, and we have had enough.  You deserve better. 

The government is also planning to pass a law (Bill 16) in the fall that would make strikes last longer, and new contracts harder to achieve.  So, we need to be ready.

What do we need from you?

Your personal email and cell phone. So, we can let you know more details, and contact you. Please update your information at or call 204 306-9753.

Most importantly WE NEED YOU TO VOTE. The more health care support workers who vote, the stronger we will be at the bargaining table. United we stand together.