COVID-19 Update, March 17

CUPE is working to ensure the rights and the health & safety of all members are being protected

As the pandemic continues, health authorities may require staff mobility and redeployment. As health care workers, and as a union, our goal is to ensure the community’s safety in difficult times. To that end, CUPE has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding redeployment of staff within or between Employers should it become necessary during this crisis.


This MOA was negotiated with all the health care unions. The MOA ensures members’ rights are protected under each collective agreement and provides for financial compensation in the event of a temporary transfer. Attached is a copy of the draft MOA (in the process of being signed off).


The MOA allows for mileage, meals and accommodation to be covered if required. The Employers will be seeking volunteers first to temporarily transfer to another site. This MOA is in effect and will continue if a state of emergency is declared.


The risk of COVID-19 remains low. Members are encouraged to follow the directives provided by their Employers. Most importantly continue to follow universal precautions and take extra care in washing your hands.


CUPE staff representatives are working throughout this crisis to ensure members’ rights are protected. It is our job to fight for you while you fight for Manitoba patients.


If you feel that your health is put at risk, or if you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, contact CUPE right away. As always, CUPE Is here with you, and for you.


Thank you to all the frontline health care workers who continue to provide care to Manitoba’s most vulnerable citizens. CUPE is available to assist members during this stressful time.



Shannon McAteer

CUPE Health Care Coordinator

& Your CUPE Health Care Team

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