CUPE 204 endorses MNU report calling for increased support for front-line care

The 7,000 health care workers represented by CUPE Local 204 are lending their voice to a recent report published by the Manitoba Nurses Union calling for increased staffing ratios, and a minimum threshold of 4.1 direct care hours per resident per day.

The report, which includes a recommendation to increase the number of nurses, health care aides, and other care providers would go a long way to improving patient care, if implemented.

“Increasing the staffing guidelines to 4.1 direct hours of care per resident per day is the absolute best way to ensure better patient care,” said Debbie Boissonneault, President of CUPE Local 204.

“When health care staff are able to spend more time with each patient, patients are going to receive better care and have a higher quality of life.”


CUPE health care members across Manitoba have repeatedly called on the provincial government to stop the health care cuts and invest in our long-term care facilities.

CUPE Manitoba published a similar report on staffing ratios in 2015, offering numerous recommendations to government on how to improve long-term care for patients and staff.

“We have been hearing from our members, and in particular from the health care aides, dietary, nutrition, laundry and recreation workers in long-term care homes that they are increasingly overworked and under resourced,” said Boissonneault.

“We stand with MNU’s report, and hope the government takes it seriously.”

CUPE 204 represents 7,000 health care workers in over 20 facilities including hospitals, long-term care homes, community clinics, as well as health care programs and education services.