Important Info Re: Retro Pay

Former employees are entitled to receive any applicable retroactive pay, provided they request the retroactive pay from their former Employer in writing no later than ninety (90) days after the ratification date, September 23, 2022.


To receive retropay you must do the following:

As part of the written request submitted the employee MUST include the following:


  • Email Subject line must state “Retro Request for (employee name) terminated employee(CUPE)”
  • Date of retirement/resignation
  • Name of the Employer that the employee is requesting retro payment from
  • Employee’s current mailing address
  • Direct deposit information, if it has changed since you were last employed


Employer Organization Contact


All sites on SAP – email [email protected]


Shared Health  
All sites on SAP – email [email protected]


CancerCare Manitoba – email [email protected]


Rehabilitation Centre for Children – email [email protected]

Eden Mental Health Centre
– email [email protected]


All sites – email Payroll – [email protected]


Southern Health             
All sites – email Payroll at [email protected]