Rushed Seven Oaks Hospital ER closure reckless – CUPE

Today the WRHA announced that the Seven Oaks Hospital Emergency Room is now slated to close on July 22, a full two months earlier than originally planned.

Support workers at Seven Oaks Hospital continue to speak out against the closure of the Seven Oaks Hospital ER.

“Staff at Seven Oaks Hospital are frustrated with the way in which the WRHA has continued to rush the hospital reorganization process,” says Debbie Boissonneault, President of CUPE 204, representing support staff at Seven Oaks Hospital.

“A rush-job is never a good approach in health care, and we continue to express our concern that someone will be hurt”.

The WRHA indicated that the transition from Emergency to Urgent Care will see a decrease in the acuity levels of ambulance arrivals by redirecting higher acuity patients to other hospitals. However, recent reports from St. Boniface indicate that St. Boniface hospital is understaffed, and last month the hospital’s emergency department was overflowing.

“We are incredibly concerned that receiving hospitals will be overwhelmed by the redirection of patients from Seven Oaks and Concordia Hospitals,” said Boissonneault.

“By closing the Seven Oaks ER early, the WRHA is putting an incredible amount of strain on the entire system, and that could put patients at risk”.